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Thursday, 25 May 2017 12:39

Prestashop 1.7 variablen für Templates.

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Über die Seite bin ich auf eine praktische Auflistung an Variablen gestossen die man von PrestaShop 1.7 an in allen tpl files nutzen kann.

{$} -> Name of the active currency.
{$currency.iso_code} -> ISO language code enabled.
{$currency.sign} -> Symbol of the active currency
{$currency.iso_code_num} -> Active Currency ISO Code

{$} -> Store name in Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Store Email in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.logo} -> Image routing store logo in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.favicon} -> Route favicon image of the store in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.address.address1} -> Store address 1 in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.address.address2} -> Store address 2 in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.address.postcode} -> Store Zip Code in Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Store City in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.address.state} -> Province of the store in Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Shop Country in Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Store phone in Prestashop 1.7
{$shop.fax} -> Store Fax in Prestashop 1.7

{$} -> Language name enabled
{$language.iso_code} -> ISO language code enabled
{$language.language_code} -> Language code enabled (for Spanish, fr for French, tc ..)
{$language.is_rtl} -> (1 -> On / 0 Off (for when language is written from right to left)
{$language.format_lite} and {$ language.format_full} -> Simulated date format and full date format
{$} -> Language ID enabled

{$customer.lastname} -> Customer Last Name in Prestashop 1.7
{$customer.firstname} -> Client Name Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Prestashop Customer Email 1.7
{$customer.birthday} -> Prestashop client birthday 1.7
{$customer.newsletter} -> Subscribed to the newsletter in Prestashop 1.7 (1 subscribed / 0 unsubscribed)
{$customer.newsletter_date_add} -> Newsletter subscription date
{$customer.ip_registration_newsletter} -> IP Registration Customers newsletter
{$customer.optin} -> Subscribed to offers from our partners in Prestashop 1.7
{$customer.date_add} -> Client creation date in Prestashop 1.7
{$customer.date_upd} -> Last updated client update in Prestashop 1.7
{$} -> Customer ID in Prestashop 1.7
{$customer.id_default_group} -> Default group to which the client is associated in Prestashop 1.7
{$customer.is_logged } -> Check if the client is "logged in" in Prestashop 1.7
{$ [$]} -> Client Gender (Mr / Ms)
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .city} -> Client city of address 'X' that has partner. (Address ID, because a client can theoretically have multiple addresses)
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .alias} -> Address alias
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .firstname} -> Addressholder last name
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .lastname} -> Name of address holder
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .company} -> Company name of address holder
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .address1} -> Address 1
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .address2} -> Address 2
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .postcode} -> Mailing address
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .id_state} -> Address Province ID
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .state} -> Province address
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .state_iso} -> ISO address province code
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .id_country} -> Country address ID
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .country} -> Country of address
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .country_iso} -> ISO country address code
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .phone} -> Address phone
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .phone_mobile} -> Mobile phone address
{$customer.addresses [ID Address] .dni} -> Address ID
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .vat_number} -> Customer VAT number
{$customer.addresses [Address ID] .formatted} -> Client formatted address

{$urls.base_url} -> Store address
{$urls.current_url} -> Current address (url) where we are
{$urls.shop_domain_url} -> Store domain
{$urls.img_ps_url} -> Image root directory url
{$urls.img_cat_url} -> Url directory of images of the categories
{$urls.img_lang_url} -> Url of the language images directory
{$urls.img_prod_url} -> Url of the product images directory
{$urls.img_manu_url} -> Url directory of manufacturers images
{$urls.img_sup_url} -> Url of the providers directory
{$urls.img_ship_url} -> Url directory of images of carriers
{$urls.img_url} -> Url of the image directory of the template
{$urls.css_url} -> Template URL directory url
{$urls.js_url} -> Template JS directory url
{$urls.pic_url} -> Url file directory uploaded
{$urls.pages.address} -> Url from the "My Address" section
{$urls.pages.addresses} -> Url from the "My addresses" section
{$urls.pages.authentication} -> Url section of the authentication page
{$urls.pages.cart} -> Cart section url (order summary)
{$urls.pages.category} -> Url section of categories
{$urls.pages.cms} -> Url of the content section
{$} - > Url section of the contact form
{$} -> Url of the discount voucher section
{$urls.pages.guest_tracking} -> Tracking url for unregistered clients
{$urls.pages.history} -> Url from the order history section
{$urls.pages.identity} -> Url of the section "Personal data"
{$urls.pages.index} -> Page url
{$urls.pages.my_account} -> Url section of my account
{$urls.pages.order_confirmation} -> Url section of the order confirmation page.
{$urls.pages.order_follow} - > Url in the "Order Tracking"
{$urls.pages.pagenotfound} -> Url of section "404 (Page not found)"
{$urls.pages.password} -> Url of the section "Recover Password"
{$urls.pages.pdf_invoice} ->
{$urls.pages.prices_drop} -> Url section we lowered prices / products discount / discounts
{$urls.pages.product} -> Product tab url
{$} -> Url of the searcher section
{$urls.pages.sitemap} -> Site Map section url
{$urls.pages.stores} -> Url of the section "Shops / Our stores"
{$urls.pages.supplier} -> Url from the providers section
{$urls.pages.register} -> Url log page
{$urls.theme_assets} -> Url of the "assets" directory of the template / themes / template / assets /
{$urls.actions.logout} -> Url to close section in the store

[UPDATE] Weitere Variablen entdeckt....
{$base_dir_ssl} URL of your store when SSL certificate is active
{$base_dir} URL of your store
{$cart} Information about cart. Read entries below for more informations
{$cart->id} ID of customer cart
{$cart->id_shop_group} ID of shop group (multistore feature)
{$cart->id_shop} ID of shop (multistore feature)
{$cart->id_address_delivery} ID of customer address delivery (only if order was made)
{$cart->id_address_invoice} ID of customer address invoice (only if order was made)
{$cart->id_currency} ID of cart currency
{$cart->id_customer} ID of customer for which cart belongs (only if customer is logged)
{$cart->id_guest} ID of shop guest
{$cart->id_lang} ID of cart language
{$cart->recycable} Bool value if recycable checked for this cart
{$cart->gift} Bool value if gift checed for this cart
{$cart->gift_message} Gift message
{$cart->mobile_theme} Bool value if cart was created on mobile device
{$cart->date_add} Date of cart creation
{$cart->date_upd} Date of cart update
{$cart->id_carrier} Id of cart carrier (if selected)
{$cart->checkedTos} Bool value if terms of service is checked
{$img_cat_dir} URL for the directory with categories images
{$img_ps_dir} URL for the directory with PrestaShop image
{$img_lang_dir} URL for the directory with languages images
{$img_sup_dir} URL for the directory with suppliers images
{$img_ship_dir} URL for the directory with carriers images
{$img_prod_dir} URL for the directory with products images
{$img_manu_dir} URL for the directory with manufacturers images
{$img_dir} URL for the directory with theme’s images
{$css_dir} URL for the directory with theme’s CSS
{$modules_dir} URL for the directory with modules
{$mail_dir} URL for the directory with mail templates
{$js_dir} URL for the directory with theme’s JavaScript
{$tpl_dir} URL for the directory with current theme
{$pic_dir} URL for the directory with uploaded pictures
{$lang_iso} ISO code for the current language
{$cart_qties} Number of products in the cart
{$come_from} URL for the visitor’s origin
{$shop_name} Shop name
{$currency} Currency object (currently used currency).
{$currencies} The various available currencies
{$id_currency_cookie} ID of the current currency
{$cookie} User cookie
{$languages} The various available languages
{$priceDisplay} Price display method (with or without taxes…)
{$roundMode} Rounding method in use
{$logged} Indicates whether the visitor is logged to a customer account
{$page_name} Page name
{$customerName} Client name (if logged in)
{$use_taxes} Indicates whether taxes are enabled or not


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